Movie News: September 11th Movie Pisses Off Everyone (Again)

As if September 11 didn’t suck enough, someone decided to make a new movie about it and treat it like a B-Rated Sharknado spin-off. The new film simply named ‘9/11’ stars Charlie Sheen and Whoopi Goldberg and sees most of the story play off with Sheen attempting to achieve some vague semblance of acting while stuck in an elevator.

Needless to say, people lost their shit soon after they viewed the trailer and took to Twitter to voice their opinions. @OnePerfectShot, for example, had this to say;

If we had to sum up the trailer for this Charlie Sheen ‘9/11’ movie in one word, it would be ‘offensive’

Someone also chipped in with;

I watched a trailer for a movie called “9/11″ starring Charlie Sheen and it’s awful and manipulative and makes me mad at everyone involved.

Another had this to say;

Making a 9/11 movie in 2017 is already bad enough but casting Charlie Sheen and Whoopi Goldberg is like asking to be laughed at.

Someone on Youtube reacted with;

The cast makes me feel like this is just another movie trying to cash in on a tragic event.

I have to say, I completely agree. Not only is a new film about such a tragic event a bad idea, it’s in bad taste to treat it in such a flimsy manner.

Worst of all, casting Whoopi Goldberg and Charlie Sheen makes it even more of an offensive joke. This is the type of movie you hope never gets made but somehow it does and you’re left wondering how such a thing is even remotely possible.

To add insult to injury, this film opens on September 8, 3 days before the 16th Anniversary of the September 11 tragedy. Even 16 years down the line, September 11 remains a sensitive subject. It’s one of the greatest disasters to strike the modern world and I am truly, very deeply disappointed that the best that can be done in memoriam of that day is a B-Rated crap fest starring one of the worst actors in Hollywood.

You can view the trailer below. Do look out for Charlie Sheen’s overacting while spontaneously levitating in the falling elevator…

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