Movie News: The Last Jedi International Poster Released

Disney has finally turned its attention to international marketing and have dropped the official International Poster for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. With less than two months before the 2 year wait is over, fans and Jedi alike are rampant with speculation over this new poster.

Unlike those posters we’ve seen so far, this one features Luke Skywalker with a Lightsaber which is interesting to say the least…

Why is this so interesting?

Well, if you remember the previous films, Luke had a Green Lightsaber, not a blue one. Luke constructed a new Lightsaber for himself when he lost his hand in the first battle with Darth Vader. The Green Lightsaber is the one we last see him with in the original trilogy and it’s the one he logically would have carried with him into the events of the new films.

As a side note – Green Lightsabers are typically reserved for powerful force users in canon while blue is more used by ‘all rounders’ like Jedi Guardians. For Jedi, based on their strength and attunement, the Force Crystal within their Lightsaber will change colours to either Blue, Green, Orange or Purple. Red Lightsabers contain specially manipulated Force Crystals and White Lightsabers contain Force Crystals that have underwent a cleansing process, previously having been Red.

Now in this new poster, Luke wields a Blue Lightsaber. This means he either lost his old one, traded up for a blue one or he’s actually using the Lightsaber Rey returned to him at the end of the previous film. That Lightsaber is of course the same one that belonged to his father and the one Rey receives in The Force Awakens.

If he is indeed using his father’s Lightsaber, that would mean Rey would acquire the means (and a crystal) to construct her own Lightsaber somewhere during this film since we also saw her with a Blue Lightsaber in previous posters.

They might simply also be sharing one Lightsaber (the one Rey brought) due to lack of resources or the fact that Luke’s Green Lightsaber was destroyed in battle before he went into hiding. It’s also possible that Luke’s Force Powers have somewhat diminished during his exile and old age and that his Lightsaber changed colours accordingly.

We’ll just have to wait and see…

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