Movie Spotlight: Cursed

Synopsis: After being late to pick up her younger brother, Ellie (Christina Ricci) gets into an argument with him and narrowly escapes death as she hits another car. The orphaned youngsters try to rescue the other driver of a wrecked car, but something deadly stops them in their tracks and finishes off the driver and leaves Ellie and Jimmy with scratches that mark the start of their nightmare.  It’s a horror movie with as many screams as laughs.

Desolately short opinion: This movie is good. Bloody good. First scene already delves into the heart of things with a vague yet simple prediction by a gipsy that leaves your eyes bulging, and anticipating a bloody sight every passing minute.

Desolately long opinion

The eerie music, the darkness, innocuous and sudden movement of objects and, of course, the fortune teller that no one believes guarantees spurts of silent screams and Joanie’s remarks makes Cursed a great afternoon watch. Ellie and Jimmy’s discovery that the scratches by the mysterious animal are not your regular put-on-an-antiseptic animal scrapes but are virulent scratches by a werewolf is mildly entertaining. The discovery of their new-found power that was both a gift and a curse and their mission to quell the werewolf was short-lived but has that “on the edge of one’s seat” kinda vibe.

Cursed somewhat succeeded in trying to appeal to everyone and their aunties, love scenes were watered down; which can be difficult when werewolf apparently have strong sexual magnetism and are bloodthirsty. Everything was to a minimum, which strangely enough, worked.

What the critics had to say

They were not impressed with the different elements of the movie, and rendered it confusing. The director of the movie was apparently not satisfied with the finished products. It also didn’t fare well at the box office, but Cursed is a classic example of what happens when you resell the same product to a new market. You also have to give the creator a pat in the back for coming up with a new angle to werewolf horror movies.

What we liked in particular

  • Jimmy: he was a lonesome, jittery, and insecure teenage. After the werewolf attack, he was still those things, bar the insecurity. Watching him turn into a social beast was a one of the highlights of this movie.
  • Plot: there’s actually a story in this movie, unlike the senseless killing that is so typical of movies falling into the horror genre. There is a kick of comedy, a slap of social commentary (issues faced by homosexuals) and a bump of love.
  • Diversity: the cast is from different ethnicities, and they are not (thankfully) portrayed in a stereotypical manner.

What we didn’t like so much

The anti-climax at the end:  the movie becomes predictable and less scary towards the end.

Silly mistakes: when you are hit by a bullet from the opposite direction, you usually fall backwards. It was not the case with our snarky werewolf, she fell face down and they literally blew her brains out but it was not reflected when she turned back into human form. Jake the werewolf’s ash resembled those of burned paper before it crumbles into ashes, which wasn’t convincing to say the least.

What we could have liked.

They could have spared Kyle.’The good guys finish last’ wasn’t appreciated since the movie has a happy ending.

Although the comedic flair has its uses here and there, it spoiled some of the best scenes in the movie and making some moments less scary than they ought to be. They should have focused on love and drama only.


Some Fun Facts

Clinical lycanthropy is a scientifically proven psychiatric syndrome where the sufferer believes they can transform into an animal.

Werewolves are believed to be half human (wer means man in old English) and half wolf.

Werewolves are historically associated with witchcraft, hence why people are deemed cursed when they are bitten or scratched by werewolves.

Is Cursed worth a watch or not?

It is worth a watch. Besides few technical mishaps (which can be tricky to avoid with these type of movies), Cursed is a ruddy good movie.

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Couple quick ground rules: Please, don’t jump off the bus. Weird. Not fun for anybody. Also, no throwing objects at pedestrians. Unless, of course, they deserve it, okay?