Game Review: Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite (PS4)

A great comic book game that comes out exactly as you thought it would…

While VS games generally aren’t my scene, Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite did well to grip my attention for a few hours. I mean, I like Marvel and Capcom about as much as the next guy but I typically tend to go for the more RPG intensive titles myself. Fighting games have to be quite something for me to take more than a few minutes notice of them – surprisingly, despite some flaws, Marvel Vs Capcop Infinite did well to entertain far beyond its capacity.

If you’ve played any of the previous games, you’ll know what to expect right from the start. You fight as a tag team of two characters who can literally be a combination of any of the characters present in the game. You can switch out randomly between these characters during battle to face either faster, slower or more powerful opponents, based on the situation. This is a system that works well. It’s fast paced and brings some strategy aspects to the game that would otherwise leave it severely dull and empty in many areas. Often you’re given someone silly (like Arthur) to fight someone insanely powerful like Ultron and you’re only redemption or hope ends up being your tag partner – who is often someone awesome like Iron Man or Spider-Man.

The gameplay is easy to master, the controls are straightforward and you can get away rather easily by just button smashing through most battles. Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite doesn’t take too much time to get into and it’s a great choice for those not looking for something too complicated. You can pull off awesome combo’s and finishers without knowing much about it – an aspect some games seem to lack these days.

The cast of characters is rather decent (yet confusing) and the game features a bit of a story with some DLC that’s far too overpriced and irrelevant to matter to the average gamer.

The story focuses on Ultron getting his metal claws on The Infinity Stones and then, as you’d imagine, everything goes south really quickly. It’s up to the good guys (The Avengers) to set things right again and that’s how most of the story plays out. It took me about 3 hours to complete story mode and most of it was spent watching cinematics, screaming at silly character choices and scratching my head at gaping plot holes. It was a spot of fun, but after the story is done, there’s not much to do besides beating up your friends or going online to check out some extra character & aesthetics DLC.

The Verdict…

The cast of characters is both insanely awesome and mind-bogglingly stupid at the same time. You get great, popular characters to play with like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Ghostrider, Ryu, Nemesis, and Morrigan…and then they turn around and give you Arthur & Firebrand, some guy from Resident Evil, a dude with a plunger and some others I can’t even be bothered to remember.

There are enough great characters in Marvel and Capcom to stuff this game to the brim of awesome but instead of going that route, we got some characters nobody ever heard of mixed with characters we only vaguely know exist. This pissed me off beyond measure. I mean, for a game that retails at a (at time of writing) price of R899.00, you would expect non-stop awesome from start to finish but instead, you get a game that feels like it’s a bonus feature setting up a sequel during the credit sequence of a Marvel film.

It’s all fine and dandy if you have Megaman teaming up with Iron Man to fight Ultron & Thanos but usually, this isn’t the case. In the story mode, the game developers seem to taunt you by giving you the absolute worst characters in the game who are often facing the most powerful villains in the entire universe. They not only do this once but multiple times, even during the final boss fight you are limited to one horrible, slow character and one awesome one.

This brings me to the character design overall. Some characters look great, Iron Man, for example, looks awesome but Dr. Strange and pretty much everyone wearing any sort of flowing material like a cloak looks like they fell off a train heading into the late 80’s. Dr. Strange’s cloak is stiff as an ironing board and has a gap of about 30cm between it and his body and stays like that no matter what action is performed or cinematic is taking place.

The final form of Ultron at the end of the game also looks like someone spilled coffee on a few character sketches, the sketches stuck together, and that became the end boss. I mean, Ultron Omega…it’s literally Ultron sitting inside Sigma’s gigantic head…who has a cannon in his mouth.

There are some severe polishing issues in Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite, the characters being one, the title screen, menu’s and everything else also fall victim. It looks a little shoddy. The impression comes across that the game was rushed out of development without receiving those much needed final touches you’ve come to expect in today’s day and age. Many things were simply ignored, not smoothed over or bothered with.

Overall it was forgivable as a ‘comic book game’. The only real drawback for me was the cast of available characters to play with, gaping story holes and character choices made for you during story mode.

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Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite

Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite


5.0 /10


8.0 /10

Look & Feel

5.0 /10

Enjoyment Factor

7.0 /10

Replay Value

4.0 /10


  • Handles really well...
  • True to the franchise...
  • The popular characters are mostly present...
  • Easy to pick up and play...
  • A pretty decent story...


  • Many useless characters...
  • Useless characters play key roles...
  • A little shallow most of the time...
  • Some characters models look 'cheap'...

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