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It seems there’s something going on over at that demands some attention. An up and coming young filmmaker, Caden Butera is attempting to gather support for his original Sci-Fi film, titled E Equals.

While that might be nothing new to us and there being literal hundreds of other filmmakers trying to gather support over there, I believe E Equals is somewhat different.

It’s common knowledge that I’m a big fan of all things fan made and privately produced by volunteers and passionate filmmakers. I frequently rant about the accepted Hollywood formulas and complain about how things are done on major motion pictures. We’re just so tired of the same old crap, aren’t we? Reboot after reboot, sequel after sequel, prequel after prequel.

Our regular readers might recall that I practically had a seizure when I saw that DBZ fan film, Light Of Hope and then went on to obsess to the point of near insanity over The Fall Of Men. This went on for months and I still leap at the chance to show my friends the Super Saiyan transformation in Light Of Hope whenever I can. In fact, I think they’ve all seen it about 50 times now…

Anyway – I believe that I might have found my third non-Hollywood obsession. E Equals.

The film is aiming to be completely original, based on actual theoretical science and features not only existential issues but also a ton of geek stuff just for big old nerds like me. E Equals is actively avoiding being the same as all the rest and I can totally dig that.

The synopsis reads;

Kate is on the run, not just from a malicious corporation in pursuit, but her past. Gruff, brute, and untrusting, Kate has experienced something that has changed her forever. After living in hiding Kate is forced to confront those after her head-on and embrace the unique ability she wields: the ability to harness energy from matter. New possibilities are revealed as she learns the potential of her capabilities while being forced to face the decisions that lead her here.

It’s early days for the project but so far it’s gathered a ton of support and many backers. There’s also a trailer available with some tantalizing info about the film.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on this one…

For more information, you can check out the Kickstarter by clicking here

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