About This Site

What do you do here?

We don’t do much on this site really – mostly just insult people, complain, cause fights between couples and argue about movies. When we get round to it we write funny stuff or on occasion something that makes some sort of sense but that’s about it. Oh and we give away cool merchandise.

We’re just trying to make it through the week on any given day and we like cake.


Frequently asked questions…

Who or what is a ‘Desolation Morris’?

  • We don’t know. We think it’s some sort of fungal infection.

Is there a name for what’s wrong with you people?

  • No, not yet. The world’s best scientists are working very hard on it right now.

Does anyone here like Justin Bieber?

  • Yes.

Did any of you go to school before starting this site?

  • Some of us did for a little while but most of us escaped from prison and/or facilities for the mentally ill.

Can I write for this site too?

  • No, you need to have a degree in English.

Are they ever going to stop making Fast & Furious Movies?

  • No, probably not.


The proud site sponsors and affiliates…

Ah, sponsors. Where would we be without them? – Let’s have a huge round of applause for our sponsors and affiliates!

They all manage to somehow put up with our loud mouth nonsense and provide us with a constant stream of content to assault for your reading pleasure so – a big thank you to them. They also give us all the stuff you guys win for competitions – aren’t they awesome? Yes. We’re sucking up – shut up.


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