Meet The Crew

Meet The Crew

Owner & Self Proclaimed Emperor

Grand Moff Morris (As Himself)

This is the idiot in charge. He saw a few movies and now he owns a website. He knows nothing about writing and knows even less about web design. He tortures his subordinates with inappropriate commentary and does a pretty good disappearing act when someone requires him to do…literally anything.

Editor & Unhelpful Yoda

MG Thabo

He’s a university graduate who specializes in languages, writing and talking about nerd stuff. He’s probably taller than you and he enjoys watching movies with some intellectual complexity or fart jokes. Either or both are perfectly fine. Thabo recently discovered that he can trace his ancestry back beyond Charlemagne to a time when his family was herding bunnies in Southern France.

Staff Writer & Munitions Expert

Celtic Gaelic

He’s from a far off world across the ocean and owns more guns than Mel Gibson. Sometimes we find him ransacking the coffee machine and donut supply. We’re not really sure what he does around here aside from that, we think he writes. He could also be the security or a homeless person – We don’t know.

Staff Writer & Event Representative

Pseudonym Phoenix

She represents our site at various events, does interviews and gives us all the behind the scenes info. She’s the smartest one here and holds actual scientific degrees. When she writes, she usually writes about controversial subjects or about stuff none of us really understand. Recently she discovered she has a stalker – went out and found him and told him about feminism and gender equality. The stalker is now a Buddhist and lives in Tibet.

Staff Artist & Pagan Druid

S-Damnation / D For Damnation

We’re not really sure where we found this dude but he ended up being good at drawing stuff so we kept him around. If you see someone in the office at 2 am in the morning near the coffee machine, standing around dressed in black leather and wearing a gas mask – don’t worry, it’s just him. By the way, he’s for hire and if you pay him enough his services include a feather, contact him by clicking here.

The Cute Mascot Girl

Desolation Girl

She’s one of the cutest girls on the planet and she might be a vampire or a demon. The fact that she could potentially steal our souls doesn’t really bother us though because she also brings us cupcakes and hugs. On occasion, she does a dance, puts on a latex suit and summons a gigantic assault vehicle to fight a Kaiju.