Meet The Crew

Meet The Crew

The Guy In Charge


Desolation Morris (As Himself)

This is the idiot in charge. He saw a few movies and now he owns a website. He knows nothing about writing and knows even less about web design. He writes most of the stuff on this site and a bunch of people don’t like him – mostly because he’s got an awesome Predator Sith Cosplay.


The Cute Mascot Girl


Desolation Girl

She’s one of the cutest girls on the planet and she might be a vampire or a demon. That doesn’t really bother us though because she’s also an anime girl and she brings us cupcakes and hugs. On occasion, she summons a gigantic assault vehicle and flies into space to save the world.

Compulsory Guy With A Beard


MG Thabo

He’s a university graduate who specializes in languages, writing and talking about nerd stuff. He’s probably taller than you and he enjoys watching movies with some intellectual complexity or fart jokes. Either or both is perfectly fine. He also has a beard that catches crumbs and women.

The Weird Contributor


Pseudonym Phoenix

Nothing is known about this person except that it’s a girl and if that’s the case she’s probably hot and wears the hoodie so our faces don’t melt. We know she’s smarter than most of us and she also isn’t Desolation Girl as we’ve come to discover because we saw them together a few times and in the same room. The plot thickens.

The Purple Meeseeks


Celtic Gaelic

Having existed for decades longer than any Mr. Meeseeks should, he got so depressed that he turned purple and named himself. The Purple Meeseeks is pursued as a rarity by many and highly valued for no reason – kind of like a shiny Pokémon. That and he poops golden nuggets.

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